Fujisu premium rice vinegar 360 ml


Fujisu Premium Rice Vinegar could be considered without a doubt, as the best rice vinegar in the world!

360ml bottle

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To make 1 liter of Fujisu Premium Rice Vinegar, Lio Jyozo uses 320g of rice. Its fermentation is long, at least one year and can even reach up to three years.
In this way, the vinegar acquires an amber color and an amazing roundness and aromatic richness.
Its production is very small, only 230 tons per year, the equivalent of 0.10% of the Japanese market.
The best chefs can’t be wrong. This vinegar is found in the most famous Japanese kitchens. Fujisu Premium Rice Vinegar is as delicate as daiginjo-shu, a high-quality sake, made from 50% or less whitened rice grains, and with an intense flavor, which the producer has kept the same for more than twenty years. .
Lio Jyozo’s master vinegar makers are able to achieve the best rice flavor thanks to their perseverance in using high-quality ingredients and manufacturing methods. This vinegar strictly follows the ancient methods of static fermentation and a long maturation period.
Through this long process, Lio Jyozo has produced a rice vinegar with a sweet fragrance, mild vinegar flavor and rich umami taste.

Our suggestion: In addition to its acidity, this vinegar can be used as a powerful umami broth. Provides the perfect complement to specialty dishes such as pickles, sushi, sauces, and other vinaigrettes or dressings.

Texts: Nishikidori

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Producer: Lio Jyozo
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Net weight: 360ml.
Format: Bottle.
Ingredients: Water, brown rice
Nutritional value (for 100 ml): Energy 35 kcal (149 kJ); Fats <0.5g, (0.01g saturated fatty acids); carbohydrates 8.1 g, (sugars 7.2 g); protein 0.7g; salt <0.01g.
Uses: Cooking, cocktails, chocolate, ice cream


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


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