We love the iodised notes of this akasu blend kinsho rice vinegar, its slight astringency, its exceptional umami and the richness of its flavors. It is very characteristic of sushi vinegars.


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Yokoi makes authentic vinegars for making sushi, rich in flavors, mild in fragrance and rich in umami. The acetic acid in their vinegars is recognised as being the richest for sushi (high levels of amino acids and umami).

Our perfect combination : the professionals don’t get things wrong. 70% of starred restaurants making sushi in Tokyo exclusively use Yokoi vinegars, 100% in Osaka and 80% on the island of Kyushu!
The right ratio of vinegar to sushi is, it seems 5 to 10% of red akasu Yohei vinegar and 90 to 95% Akasu blend kinsho red rice vinegar. Akasu is widely used by master sushi chefs. It isn’t necessary to add salt or sugar to reveal its flavors and it will find itself at home in western cuisine.

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Akasu 1,8L, Akasu 20L

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Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Weight: 1.8 L net, 20 L available
Packaging: PET bottle
Ingredients: water, rice, sugar cane alcohol, sake lees (rice, aspergillus oryzae yeast), salt
Nutritional values Per 100 ml: energy 3 kcal (13 kJ); fat <0.5 g, of which saturated <0.1 g; carbohydrates 0.8g, of which sugars <0.5g; protein <0.5g; salt 1.1g.
Recommended use: Cooking


Store protected from light and heat


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