Rice vinegar 200 ml


This white rice vinegar has been made by true Japanese masters meticulously following its tradition.

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Its aromatic and sweet flavor makes this vinegar one of the basic condiments of Japanese cuisine.

Our suggestions: This rice vinegar is sublime mixed with soy sauce and eaten with sashimi, grated turnip, or in meat stews which softens the acidic flavor. Suitable for vinaigrettes, yogurts and white cheeses. It also goes well in the water used for cooking vegetables or as an aromatic fish broth.
By adding this vinegar to a little bit of slightly salted olive oil, the carpaccio will be spectacular! It enhances the fruity flavor when added to sparkling water.
It is equally delicious with fresh oysters.

Texts: Nishikidori

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Producer: Tobaya Suten
Origin: Fukui, Japan
Net weight: 200ml.
Format: Glass bottle
Ingredients: Water, rice alcohol, rice vinegar, koshihikare rice and kôji rice lees
Nutritional value (for 100 g): Energy 2 kcal (9 kJ); Fat <0.5g, (<0.01g saturated fatty acids); carbohydrates 0.5 g, (sugars <0.5 g); protein <0.5g; salt <0.01g.
Uses: Culinary


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight


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