Shiro Shoyu white soy sauce 360 ​​ml


Shiro Murasaki soy sauce is distinguished by its pale color. Therefore, it does not change the color of the ingredients when used as a condiment. With a very salty character, this sauce is recognized in Japan for the way it brings out the colors of the season.

360ml bottle


This soy sauce may change color when cooked as the amino acids along with the natural sugar in the soy sauce brown at high temperature. Likewise, when opening the bottle, the presence of oxygen will increase, causing a natural oxidation process.
We recommend keeping it refrigerated once opened, to preserve its paleness, although the change in its color does not alter its organoleptic properties.

Tips for use: to season stews and other broths, savory puddings (Chawanmushi), noodles, stewed vegetables, Japanese fondue (nabe), fish broths, seasoned rice (takikomi gohan), etc…

Texts: Nishikidori

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Product details

Producer: Hon Murasaki
Origin: Hiroshima, Japan
Type: Soy Sauce (White)
Net weight: 360ml.
Format: Glass bottle
Ingredients: Water, soy beans, flour, alcohol, flavor enhancers E621, acidifier E270 and aspergillus oryzae.
Allergens: wheat and soy
Nutritional value (for 100 g): Energy 84 kcal (303 kJ); Fat <0.5g, (<0.1g saturated fatty acids); carbohydrates 18g, (sugars 16g); protein 2.6g; salt 13.9g.
Uses: Culinary


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight sunlight. Keep refrigerated once opened


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