Hon Mirin Kokonoe Sakura premium 300 Ml


The Hon Mirin Kokonoe Sakura is one of the flagship products of the Kokonoe brand, dedicated to the production of Mirin since the Edo Period. To make it, the traditional technique of more than 250 years old is used; using only sticky rice, malted rice (Kojî) and authentic Shochu (distilled rice alcohol), all made in Japan.
The natural sweetness and robust aroma of sticky rice along with other great-tasting ingredients give dishes exceptional flavor.
This Hon’Mirin is used by the demanding chefs of the most prestigious Japanese restaurants, including several Michelin star winners.

300ml bottle

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It has an elegant sweetness that is impossible to obtain with glucose and that also provides a much more refreshing and elegant persistence than that provided by sugar. Hon Mirin contains more than 9 different types of sugars, including glucose, and is therefore not only refreshing, but round and rich, giving it a deep sweetness.
The quality of the shoshu used in this preparation reinforces the aroma, richness and subtleties of the dishes and accelerates the penetration of the flavor in the ingredients in a uniform way.
The Umami component is contained in the ingredients that make up the recipe.

Rich in sugars and amino acids, mirin gives a beautiful color when cooking both on the barbecue and in the oven, without forgetting grilled meats.
The alcohol present in this mirin hinders the dissolution of the pectin and prevents the food from falling apart when cooking slowly and for a long time. Likewise, it eliminates strong odors when cooking fish or offal and enhances hidden flavors. Naturally crafted Mirin pairs well with fermented dressings such as miso, soy sauce, or vinegar.

Since it’s a liquid, it’s easy to mix and it’s hard to overdo it on flavor. The Hon’Mirin Kokonoe Sakura softens the salty flavors, the acidity of the vinegar and the strong flavors.

Our suggestion: Glazed scallops, fatty fish, marinated meats, dressings with soy sauce, miso, vinegar, fruit desserts, creams…

Texts: Nishikidori

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Producer: Kokonoe Mirin
Origin: Aichi, Japan
Net weight: 300ml.
Format: Bottle.
Ingredients: Glutinous rice, shochu rice distilled alcohol and malted rice (rice, Aspergillus Oryzae)
Nutritional value (for 100 ml): Energy 234 kcal (985 kJ) ; Fats <0.7g, (0.01g saturated fatty acids); carbohydrates 38.3 g, (sugars < 38.3 g) ; protein <0.5g; salt <0.01g.
Uses: Kitchen
Alcohol volume: 14%
Recommendation: Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health. Drink in moderation. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy, even in small amounts, can have severe consequences for the fetus. Prohibited its sale to minors under 18 years of age.


Store in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.


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