Fresh Yellow Yuzu


Fresh Yellow Yuzu

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High quality fresh yellow yuzu produced on the Valencian Mediterranean coast.
The Yuzu (Citrus ichangensis X C. reticulata var. austera) is an “Ichandarin”: a natural hybrid between Ichang papeda and a Chinese mandarin. It produces acid fruits (4.5% acid) and very aromatic, whose flavor and appearance reminds of a fusion of grapefruit, lime, tangerine and mango.
It is considered an essential ingredient in Asian, Japanese and Korean cuisine. It is part of Ponzu sauce and condiments such as Yuzukosho (yuzu and pepper), yuzu vinegar, liqueurs, soup, fish, sweets, infusions, jams, beers, tonic waters, gins, and has countless other uses such as cosmetics. and aromatherapy.
It gives both meat and fish an acid point of citrus, and sweeter aromas reminiscent of mango or common tangerine.
It can be used as an alternative to lemon, improving its good properties, mainly the skin and its juice due to its intense and excellent aroma, with 3 times more vitamin C than lemon. The fruit contains about 25 seeds, which have different uses in cosmetics and food.
It has a bulky skin, sometimes with brown spots that are its hallmark, and do not affect the aroma.
Its cultivation is very complex, since the branches contain large and sharp spikes and vertical growth, reaching up to 5 meters in height. Since it is sown, it does not produce the first fruits until after 15 years.

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