Small Fresh Wasabi Km0


We select the smallest pieces of our small  Fresh Wasabi Km0, with the same flavor, spiciness and texture as the large ones.

*ATTENTION: We are in the process of moving our wasabi to a new location, so temporarily, the wasabi served in this pack is imported from Japan.

Don’t forget to buy the indispensable wasabi grater, if you don’t already have it. Without it, making the real wasabi paste is not possible!

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We select the smallest pieces of our small Fresh Wasabi Km0, with the same flavor, spiciness and texture as the large ones.

Fresh wasabi is one of the emblematic condiments of Japanese cuisine. It usually accompanies sushi, sashimi or soba, but it also goes perfectly with a good steak!

Our wasabi grows in an environment with a balance of sun, shade, temperature and humidity that provide it with the ideal conditions for its growth, with the help of the crystal-clear water of Montseny. Its cultivation, over two years old, is one of the most complex in the world and very few productions have prospered outside of Japan.

The real wasabi paste is obtained by grating the trunk on a special grater. In this process, the natural allyl isothiocyanates are released, which provide a spicy and fresh aroma as it rises through the nostrils and quickly dissipates in the mouth, leaving a sweet and refreshing taste. This sensory pleasure lasts an instant and only happens when eaten between 2 and 15 minutes after being grated.

Do not forget to acquire the indispensable Wasabi grater, if you do not have it anymore. Without him getting the true Wasabi pasta is not possible!

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50g (+/-5) por paquete, 100g (+/-5) por paquete


Keep your wasabi in the fridge wrapped in kitchen paper or a dry cotton cloth, inside a plastic bag. In this way you can enjoy it for 3-4 weeks, without problem. If you only consume part of it and still have wasabi left over for future use, store it the same way, until your next use.

Dose and grate

As a guide, keep in mind that a 50g piece is ideal for a sushi meal for 4-6 people.
Wasabi must be grated at the table, as you eat. Make circles on the wasabi grater and the precious fresh wasabi paste will appear. Remember that you have to consume it between 2 and 15 minutes once grated, so don't grate it all at first!


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