Sushi Premium Pack


The Sushi Premium Pack is the definitive pack to become authentic sushi chefs! Ingredients, premium, the best wasabi and essential accessories to enjoy Japanese cuisine like never before!

*ATTENTION: Our wasabi is small and growing (slowly but surely!), so temporarily, the wasabi served in this pack may be imported from Japan.



Passionate about Japanese food? If this is your case, this is, without a doubt, your pack. In addition to containing the essential products of Japanese cuisine, in this pack we also offer you more select ingredients such as Ponzu Champunzu with five citrus fruits, soy sauce matured for 2 years or toasted sesame seeds with yuzu. In addition, the pack is accompanied by 100 grams of fresh wasabi, and accessories such as tweezers or sauce brushes.

With them, you will be able to unleash your passion for Japanese food and unleash your creativity!

The Sushi Premium Pack includes:
– Vinegar for Sushi Ginjo Akasu Premium (300 ml)
– Aged soy sauce aged for 3 years (500 ml)
– Toyama Koshihikari Rice (1kg)
– Toasted sesame seeds, yuzu.
– Ponzu Champunzu with 5 citrus fruits
– Superior quality nori seaweed (30 gr)
– Fresh wasabi (100 g in 1 or 2 pieces)
– 1 Samehisha traditional sharkskin grater, size M
– 1 orchid brush
– 1 Bamboo sushi mat
– 1 kansai tweezers
– 1 Sauce brush 30 mm