Sushi Chef Pack


The Sushi Chef Pack contains the products for you to become true sushi masters as well as allowing you to cook an endless number of other recipes!

*ATTENTION: We are in the process of moving our wasabi to a new location, so temporarily, the fresh wasabi served in this pack may be imported from Japon. Some products in the picture may not exactly match the product listed in the Description.



This fantastic pack will allow you to become authentic sushi chefs. This pack contains premium Japanese products, our best fresh wasabi and the essential accessories to prepare your most exquisite sushi recipes: sashimi, makis, temakis or nigiris. Still we are convinced, that in addition to sushi it is perfect to prepare a thousand other recipes!!

The pack for lovers of Japanese cuisine!

The Sushi Chef Pack includes:

– Akasu black vinegar sushi condiment 150ml
– Aged soy sauce aged for 2 years (200 ml)
– Toyama Koshihikari Rice (1kg)

– Ariake Premium nori seaweed 1/2 sheets (25 gr)

– Superior quality nori seaweed (30 gr)
– Fresh wasabi (50 g in 1 or 2 pieces)
– 1 Stainless steel Samekichi grater, size M
– 1 orchid brush “temporary out of stock, replacement: bamboo brush”
– 1 Bamboo sushi mat
– 1 Kanto tweezers