Sauce Obsession Premium Pack


The Sauce Obsession Premium Pack offers you the best handmade condiments and sauces from the Japanese culinary tradition to take your cooking to another level!

Attention: Some products in the picture may not exactly match the product listed in the Description.

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We love being able to present you with this wonderful pack to season your most delicious Japanese and Asian recipes. The products have been selected from among the most renowned Japanese craftsmen who, following the strictest tradition, have prepared the best sauces so that you can take your Japanese cuisine to another level!

In this pack we offer you:
– White rice vinegar 200 ml.
– Mirin Hon Mirin Kokonoe Sakura premium 300 ml.
– Aged soy sauce aged for 2 years 200 ml.
– Yashidashi dry bonito Dashi broth 100gr.
– Ponzu Champonzu sauce with 5 citrus fruits 150ml.
– Japanese vinaigrette sauce 360 ​​ml.
– Toasted white sesame oil 275ml.