Sake Sugoi


Sugoi sake is a product made from quality rice, full of interesting nuances, tasty and very subtle at the same time. Very nice to drink.
This sake is designed so that you feel like you want to take one sip after another, it combines with practically everything. It can be taken during any kind of meal, as an aperitif drink, mid-afternoon or combined in an infinity of cocktails to taste. The best way to take it is to accompany it with our sake dishes. 750ml bottle.

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Sugoi sake is a sake made from quality rice, mainly of the gohyakumangokku variety, but also a mixture of other rice cultivated in the Ebro Delta. It is made following the canons of the most orthodox Japanese city and once its fermentation, it is filtered several times until a tasty, completely transparent liquid is obtained.

Activated carbon is used to free it from any impurity and then a good amount of alcohol obtained from the distillation of the same sake is added and finally it is diluted with the same water until the desired alcohol content is achieved.
It is a product full of interesting nuances, very tasty, but at the same time subtle, pleasant and easy to drink. On the nose we notice notes of white flowers, ripe banana and ripe pineapple. On the palate it is umami, but harmonious and delicate. You can see the ripe melon, the sweet banana, it can even remind us of children’s sweets. How to serve it? It can be served either very cold at around 9 °C or heated in a bain-marie at 50 °C. The best way to take it is to accompany it with our sake dishes. 750ml bottle.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Product details

Alcohol content: 14°
Capacity: 750ml
Acidity: 1.1
SMV (Sake Meter Value): +1
Sanitary records no.: 30.13452 /L 40.056267/L
Does not contain sulfites
Service temperature: 8 °C or 50 °C


Once opened, store in the refrigerador.


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