Wasabi premium pack large


The wasabi premium pack, in either of its two formats, small or large, combines our best fresh wasabi with traditional accessories to get the most out of it: oroshikis or traditional sharkskin graters.

*ATTENTION: We are in the process of moving our wasabi to a new location, so temporarily, the wasabi served in this pack is imported from Japan.



We have designed this pack for those who love fresh wasabi, but who at the same time want to use traditional accessories, including an oroshiki or handmade sharkskin grater. With it, the wasabi paste that is obtained has even more nuances in terms of flavor!

The pack includes:
– Large fresh wasabi 100 gr (1/2 pieces).
– Traditional Samehisha shark skin grater, size L
– Orchid Brush M “temporary out of stock, replacement: bamboo brush”